Saturday, March 12, 2011

Whipped Cosmetics is at Crafty Minions Sale Today

I thought I should feature someone that will be at today's sale.  I am excited for it and I am glad the weather turned so that no one would have to brave the storm to get there today.  :)  I love locally made soap and Whipped Cosmetics takes it to another level........cupcakes.  ;)  There isn't much I like better than soap and cupcakes.  I do know that I won't be munching on her's but I think my kids would love a cupcake for the bath. 

"Whipped Cosmetics was started in 2001 in Angela's kitchen. Having always been fascinated with soaps and body products it was a natural fit. We stand proud to the fact that all of our products are made by hand from scratch still to this day. Our selection of good enough to eat bath treats are sure to get your attention, even the guys!"

Some of her delicously deceiving soap flavours are:

Wild Plum
Rich dark plums and loads of ripe berries tossed with grape juice!

Lime Margaritta
Zippy limesand a shot of tequilla (not real tequilla of course) Salt included!

Au Naturel
Unscented for sensitive skin, dripping with local honey and finely ground oats.

Sugar N' Spice
A dash of sugar and a whole lotta spice!

Lemon Pound Cake
Dessert is served! Who can resist a bar like this? Bright lemon custard "baked" to perfection with lashings of vanilla cake batter.

Simply Men
A manly bar scented with vanilla, bergamont and lime.

Blackberries N Cream
Sweet and juicy blackberries mixed with rich vanilla cream, sprinkled with dried blackberry seeds!

Almond Biscotti
Yum Yum & Yum again! This bar blends almond oils with the warm scents of freshly baked biscotti.

Lilac N Lily
A blend of Lilac and Lily of the Valley, smells just like springtime.

Black Cherry
Ripe cherries hand-picked & pitted, mixed with a dash of extra sugar!

White Lavender
Ooh la la! Relaxing Bulgarian lavender essential oil, dusted lightly with lavender buds.

Green Apple Martini
Shaken not stirred please! Tart green apples are sure to wake you up in the morning.

And those beautiful cupcakes are solid bubble bath and are Pink Cupcake, Blue Raspberry, Whipped Frosting, Banana Cream Pie, Angel Food Cake, and Cotton Candy.  YUM!!

Have a peak at her cosmetics at the sale today or online:


lulu said...

Sale was great but I didn't see them there. :( I guess plans changed.

Anonymous said...

any idea if this company still exists? Both their web site and FB pages are gone and I LOVE her soaps :-(

lulu said...

I haven't seen them around for a while either. I will ask around and post here if I find them.

Darci L said...

Whipped Cosmetics is still in business! I was at a trade show with Angela in Flin Flon this weekend! Her products are can call her at 204-218-SOAP.